4 quick and easy tips to burn more belly fat

1) Drink water after every meal (but not during)

When you drink water with meals, you dilute the hydrochloric acid lining your stomach, leading to improper digestion (or indigestion).

Proper digestion is essential for your body to extract vitamins and nutrients from the food you eat.

If you can’t digest it, you can’t use it. Where does that leave you?

If you’re used to drinking water with your meals and you think that skipping water sounds incredibly difficult, but as you’ll see, it’s quite the opposite.

I thought so too, but it’s actually quite easy. Just decide not to drink water with food. Most fruits/vegetables and carbohydrate foods contain a lot of water, and your body easily absorbs the water found in food.

When you eat, do not have water near you. Rather, leave it in the fridge.

A big plus is that a glass of ice water tastes amazing after a meal.

Be sure to wait at least 30-45 minutes before drinking water after eating, as you want to allow some time for digestion. Drinking water too soon after eating will cause a dilution of hydrochloric acid which interferes with the proper digestion of nutrients.

2) Exercise before eating a cheat meal

The number 1 time of day when you can get away with eating more and the worst meal is after you work out.

This is because high-sugar, high-carbohydrate meals cause an insulin spike, which at any other time of the day can lead to fat gain, but after a workout, the insulin spike can speed up muscle recovery and will not have a negative impact on your waistline (belly). fat storage).

It’s best to do a full workout at the gym and then go home and have a cheat meal an hour later.

If hitting the gym isn’t in your plans, then you can drop in and do about 50 push-ups, 40 body squats, pull-ups, chin-ups, or tricep wall extensions. Finish your workout by doing at least 30 minutes of jogging outdoors or 15 to 20 short sprints up hills.

3) Read food labels

Avoid any foods with the words: soy, hydrogenated, vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, extract, gluten, preservative, aspartame, and monosodium glutamate (this will probably be hidden under “natural flavor” or hydrolyzed vegetable protein).

In fact, you should make an effort to avoid anything with more than 4 or 5 ingredients. Say no to Frankenfoods whose ingredient list reads like a book.

You should always avoid packaged processed foods even if sometimes you fancy some sauce or some soup or something like that. Check the labels for the best option. As a fun game, next time you go to the grocery store, try to find 4 items without those nasty ingredients!

You may be surprised at what you’ve been eating all this time.

4) Eat high carb/low fat or high fat/low carb

To limit the accumulation of abdominal fat, you must limit the consumption of fats or the consumption of carbohydrates. That means if you ever want to eat more carbs, just cut back on fat.

If you are eating high fat that day, reduce your carbohydrate intake. It doesn’t have to be up to zero, just turn it down.

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