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5 steps to an effective email marketing campaign

Email marketing still has a higher ROI (return on investment) than any other marketing strategy. Analysis shows that email marketing provides an ROI of $ 40.56 for every dollar invested.

Setting up an effective email marketing campaign can be a bit confusing at first, but with a little practice and the right tools and techniques it becomes a breeze. And very effective.

1. Email Marketing Campaign Software

You need special software to manage your email marketing campaigns. Known as an autoresponder, it provides an efficient way to collect, deliver, monitor and review your emails.

2. Plan your marketing emails

Have a plan of action before sending out an email marketing campaign. Think about your niche, your offerings, and most importantly, the action you want your readers to take. Test each email by sending it to yourself to check links, grammar, and spelling carefully. Don’t let your subscribers get mistakes, find them first. Each email should focus on one or two topics at most. Don’t complicate your message by overwhelming readers with a bunch of different offers and topics in the same email.

3. Quality

Credibility is your most important asset in email marketing. If you are an affiliate marketer, promote only those products that you believe in. Your subscribers will blame you if you recommend a product for them to buy and the product turns out to be garbage. Don’t just send ongoing offers to your list. Send useful free information and other gifts too. The more value you provide to your subscribers, the more they will want to open your emails when they arrive in your inbox.

4. Subject line

Almost a third of email users open emails because of the subject line. Exciting subject lines increase open rates, but can be risky if they don’t reflect what’s on the inside. Words like “Alert”, “News”, “Limited Time Offer” and “Last Chance” in subject lines significantly increase open and click rates.

5. The sales funnel

On average, it takes approximately 7 communications with a potential customer before they make a purchase decision. Email is the perfect way to send these communications. Your autoresponder software can send a series of emails on autopilot when a potential customer joins your list. This is your sales funnel. It’s simply a set of steps in which you move a potential customer through a sequence of communications that ultimately causes them to buy from you.

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