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Bathroom Remodel: Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small house. Your bathroom is one of the rooms in which you should invest as many luxury accessories and amenities as you can.

Why is it worth enlarging a bathroom?

The bathroom can be a refuge, a place to take long baths at the end of exhausting days at work. Reason enough why a bathroom remodel is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your home.

On top of that, bathroom remodeling gives you an 80% to 90% return on investment if you ever decide to sell your house. Whether it’s a partial update or a complete overhaul, a bathroom remodel is a worthwhile project that you should seriously consider investing in.

Decide on the scope of your bathroom remodeling project

By the time you get started on your bathroom remodeling project, it can result in one of two things: you’ll have that gleaming, tiled paradise of a bathroom you’ve always wanted, or you’ll end up with a half-finished bathroom. clutter of old and new bathroom accessories. To avoid the second scenario, you need to decide the scope of your bathroom remodeling project before you start anything.

Depending on your budget, the time you have, and the size of your bathroom and its current state, you have several options for remodeling your bathroom:

  • Option 1. Do a bathroom remodel at surface level. This is an option when your bathroom fixtures, faucet knobs and so on, are still in good condition, but your bathtub and/or shower enclosure looks a bit beat up. When that’s the case, a surface-level bathroom remodel can give you the feeling of a brand new bathroom, without the price tag. It’s a great project to undertake if you don’t already have the budget for a complete overhaul. The general rule of thumb to follow here is: “Cover, don’t replace.” Replacement adds to the time and costs of a remodel because you’re paying to have what’s already there removed. Covering takes the structure of what already exists and simply gives it a new face. Some of the not-so-expensive items to invest in when remodeling a surface-level bathroom include pre-fab shower units, tub or shower surrounds, tub refinishing, and easy-to-install wainscoting.
  • Option 2. Change the layout of your bathroom. Similar to how you sometimes rearrange the placement of furniture in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom to give it a new feel, you can rearrange the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom. This project is a bit more difficult to take on than a surface level remodel. Bathroom fixtures such as the sink, shower stall, tub, and cabinets do not move easily and will require the services of a licensed plumber, carpenter, and possibly an electrician. However, once the pros are done, you can save a bit of money by rearranging things like towel racks and bars, shelves, trash cans, and miscellaneous bathroom accessories. There will be a major change to the overall look of your bathroom once you are done.
  • Option 3. Be American – Make your bathroom bigger.If you’re feeling patriotic and have space to spare, you can expand your bathroom and bathroom area. It’s as American as apple pie. If you only have a shower stall, you can tear down a non-load-bearing wall and get a proper bathtub. If you already have a bathtub, carve out some closet space in the next room and get yourself a whirlpool tub. Regardless of the size of the bathroom you have, there are always options to make it bigger. (A sauna maybe…?)
  • Option 4. Comprehensive bathroom reform. If nothing else is going to do it for you, there is always the final option of a complete overhaul of your existing bathroom. Tear out everything, even the bear studs, and completely redo the space. Of the bathroom remodeling projects we’ve discussed, this is potentially the most tedious, most expensive, and most disruptive to you and your family. However, if done correctly, it can create a perfect escape from your day-to-day life and add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

Factors to consider when remodeling your bathroom

Once you’ve determined the size and scope of the bathroom remodeling project you’re going to undertake, there are several things you’ll need to deal with before the job can begin:

  1. Your remodeling budget Life is full of the unexpected. That’s why most people have an emergency fund. Too often, people look at the money in their emergency fund and decide to include it in their remodeling budget. This is a mistake. Remodeling projects are favorites for Murphy’s Law. If you decide to invest your emergency fund in your remodeling project, it almost guarantees that something will go wrong in the middle of the project that will deplete that fund and leave you with a half-finished bathroom. If you don’t have the funds for a complete bathroom remodel in your account right now, settle for something less ambitious that you can afford and still improve the look of your bathroom. You don’t want to have to stop the contractor from entering your house when the project is halfway done because you no longer have the funds to pay for the labor.
  2. Designing the bathroom of your dreams This has more to do with design than anything else, but it is the basis on which the rest of your decisions will depend. To help yourself through this process, do the following mental exercise. Close your eyes. Imagine the house of your dreams: the lawn, the fence, the windows, the door. In your mind, walk through the door, up the stairs, through the master bedroom, and into your perfect bathroom. now this is his ideal house. Your idea of ​​a perfect bathroom is completely up to you. you. For you, a great bathroom can be simple; a bathroom with gleaming all-white surfaces and brass for all fixtures. On the other hand, it could be something more chic, like your own personal spa. The point is that the idea of ​​this perfect bathroom is yours and yours alone. Everyone else involved in the project from now on should focus on giving you his vision, not theirs. Whatever the scope of the project you have chosen to undertake, the end should be as close to your dream as possible.
  3. The materials to use The choice of materials for your bathroom remodeling project will be determined by your budget and the remodeled look you want your bathroom to have. You can choose the color, design, and type of materials used for the countertops, faucets, floor, shower, sink, and other parts of the bathroom. Whether you’re hiring a contractor or doing the bathroom remodel yourself, you have the final say as the homeowner on the materials used for the project, but a lot will depend on your budget. Although you may want travertine marble, be prepared to compromise. Porcelain tiles can look pretty good when you look at your end result.

A final word on bathroom remodeling

All in all, the success of a bathroom remodeling project comes down to planning. As long as you know your budget constraints and the scope of the remodeling project, there’s no reason you can’t have that fresh, sparkling tiled haven of bathroom you’ve always wanted.


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