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book review of "I can only imagine"

I find it difficult to see the violence depicted on screen. I have to close my eyes. I can read a better book. It gives a clearer picture of what happens in the story.

Bart shared that the violence his father used with in his adult life did not stem from drugs or alcohol, but rather as a result of head trauma after being hit by a truck and thrown. He was in a coma for about two months and came home with a different man.

The violence led to a divorce, and Bart and his brother ended up being raised by their father. Bart became the target of abuse. He was too afraid to tell anyone and had to suppress all the experiences from him.

Bart was exposed to the church during his life. He had two Christian grandmothers who may not have known what was going on behind closed doors. He had two childhood friends, a boy and a girl who became his wife when they grew up.

Once Bart’s father was diagnosed with cancer, his life began to change. There were still moments when he would go back to behaving like before, but he began to improve. Upon his death, Bart’s father left his pension for his two children in the amount of $600.00 dollars a month for ten years. The day he received the last payment was the day his song became a number one hit.

Although her dream came true, along with it came the realities of life and a time to deal with the past and heal. His wife’s 19-year-old brother committed suicide. His father died. His two-year-old daughter developed diabetes and the next bay was born prematurely.

At 370 pounds, her doctor advised her to have weight-loss surgery, which required counseling. In counseling, Bart began to address the issues necessary to begin a healthier life both physically and emotionally.

I have always wanted to be a recording artist, but God never allowed that as a plan for me. I don’t want to have horrible experiences to have songs to write. We have to remind ourselves not to assume that those in the spotlight have it easy. They are also human, and we never know what another person is going through.

At least we have the hope of Heaven and the imagination of what it might be like there. It will be better than we can ever hope for. I’m looking forward to that day.


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