Discounts for airline employees

As an airline employee, we work in a unique industry compared to anywhere else. Our jobs, from flying the plane to working at the ticket counter and everything in between, are very different from any other field of work. What also separates us are the benefits that work brings. The biggest benefit is obviously flying for free on our airline, which most of us take advantage of. Another benefit is the discounts we get from many companies around the world. Our airline badge is like a membership card. Mention you work for an airline, show your badge and voila, money saved! There are many ways to take advantage of this benefit and I am here to tell you how. So read on below and take advantage of what you can. We hope it helps you save in the future!

There are actually two discount domains for airline employees.

The first area encompasses discounts that are well known in the industry, whether they are advertised through your airline or are simply obvious. At my airline, there is a “benefits” page within the intranet site that lists all kinds of discounts offered by various large companies. Examples include Apple, AT&T, Costco, FedEx, Ford, Golds Gym, Target, and many more, probably close to 100 total. Many of these are not exclusive to my airline, but may have a different discount than your airline may. offer you.

Then there are all the businesses within the travel industry such as hotels, car rentals, cruise lines, attractions like Walt Disney World, etc. They practically offer some kind of discount to airline employees. Most offer the same “travel industry” fare, regardless of which airline you work for. Don’t forget the airport restaurants and shops. Most of them will also give you a discount if you show your logo.

The other realm of discounts includes discounts that only someone else finds out about, also known as “word of mouth.” For example, the World Trade Center Memorial in New York is now open for tours. Due to heavy construction and large crowds, the Memorial requires you to obtain a ticket / reservation to enter. With the high demand for tickets, it is impossible to get reservations for the same day, unless you are an airline employee. Why? Because the Memorial will allow families of 9/11 victims, emergency services, and airline employees to obtain same-day passes. Did you know it existed? Probably not. How can I know? Well, I was in New York the other day and I found it while I was walking. Another example. If you’ve ever taken a layover in Coronado / San Diego then you know that there is a great bike route that runs along the coast, which is a great way to spend time on a layover. There is a bike shop in Coronado that rents bikes to airline employees at a discount. Did you know that?

In the old days of airlines, you almost expected a discount at places if you showed your badge. Today, however, discounts are harder to find. So where can you find these discounts? Well the obvious thing to do is ask at work and see what your coworkers know. There are also websites that focus on airline crew discounts and can help you save a dollar or two. Of the millions of airline employees around the world, you can imagine how many of these discounts exist.

Whether you’re stopping off or planning your next trip with NonRev, it’s worth finding out what kind of discounts your airline can offer you. Some discounts may not be worth it because coupons, special sales, certain websites, etc. may give you a better deal. The point is, your airline can save you money, and you should at least start to know how to do it. When in doubt, ask if they will give you a discount, especially anywhere near a major airport. Ask around and check with other co-workers who have been where you are going to see where the deals are. I bet you will find a worthwhile discount.

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