eBay: How To Profit From Janette Oke’s Books

Janette Oke is a Christian writer whose books on life, love, values, and faith have a large following among women today. Each of his Christian adult books is included in one of six different series he wrote. These are:

  • Western women
  • Love comes softly
  • Canadian western saga
  • Season of the heart
  • A legacy from the prairie
  • Song Of Acadia (the books in this series were written with T. Davis Dunn)

While they appear in FOL and AAUW book sales, they are most often found in garage sales. You won’t find them at every garage or yard sale you visit, but spend a morning on the yard sale loop and you should come home with several of your books and haven’t paid more than $ .50 for any of them.

You will find many of these on eBay, but almost all of them are sold as individual titles and that is a big mistake. In order for the cash register to ring with your books, you must buy them individually or in groups, save them until you have a complete series, and then sell the series as an auction.

All information and prices are for paperback editions which are by far the most common.

Here is a list of the books that make up each series:

Western Women Series (12 books)

  • Emily Evans’ Call *
  • Julia’s last hope
  • A woman named Damarus
  • Roses for Mom *
  • They called her Mrs. Doc
  • Measure of a heart
  • A girlfriend for Donnigan
  • Heart of the desert *
  • The blue bird and the sparrow *
  • A Spanish lace dress *
  • Too long a stranger
  • Dreams of change *

* These six titles were rewritten, with the same titles, for girls (ages 10-14) and published as the Janette Oke Classics For Girls series. When purchasing these six titles, be sure to check which series the book actually belongs to.

I have never found the Classics For Girls series to be a great seller and I overlook them when I see them. However, you can give them a try if you want.

Love Comes Softly Series (8 books)

  • Love comes softly
  • Love the lasting promise
  • Love the long trip
  • Love lasting joy
  • Love the endless legacy
  • Love the dream unfolded
  • Love takes wings
  • Love finds a home

Canada West Series (6 books)

  • When it calls to the heart
  • When Breaks The Dawn
  • When spring comes
  • When Hope Springs New
  • Beyond the coming storm
  • When tomorrow comes

Season Of The Heart Series (4 books)

  • Gentle Promise of Springs
  • Once upon a time a summer
  • Autumn winds
  • Winter is not forever

Prairie Legacy Series A (4 books)

  • The tender years
  • A seeking heart
  • A quiet force
  • Like refined gold

Song of Acadia series (5 books)

  • The meeting place
  • The sacred shore
  • The birthright
  • The distant beacon
  • The beloved land

This latest series continues under the name Heirs of Acadia, but Janette Oke was no longer an author and is not as popular. It is the name of Janette Oke that sells these books.

Ms. Oke also wrote a series of 12 early readers for children called Janette Oke’s Animal Friends Series. It is also a good seller when sold as a complete series. It is made up of the following titles:

  • The impatient turtle
  • The prodigal cat
  • Spunky Dairy
  • This little pig
  • New kid in town
  • Ducktails
  • Prairie dog village
  • Problem in a fur coat
  • Maury had a little lamb
  • Pordy’s Thorny Problem
  • A coat of many colors
  • Who is new to the zoo

Below is information on the prices of each series for the last few months. The prices shown are the averages for which each series was sold.

  • Western Women – $ 36.78
  • Love Comes Softly – $ 42.17
  • Canadian West Saga – $ 13.19
  • Season of the Heart – $ 12.03
  • A Legacy from the Prairie – $ 14.38
  • Song Of Acadia – $ 37.14
  • Animal Friends – $ 38.63

As you can see, some series are more popular than others, but as long as you don’t spend more than .50 each per book, you will make money on any of them. Just list the entire series, start at $ 9.95, and let the bidders raise them.

Each of these series was also sold boxed. If you find a game with your box, you will usually add a premium to the final price.

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