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Family fun in Paphos

Family vacations must be well thought out and planned. The location and accommodation need good facilities and activities for children to keep the days busy, as well as being pleasant and convenient for the parents. On the doorstep of your European doorstep is the beautiful, sun-kissed island of Cyprus with plenty of long sandy beaches, kid-friendly attractions, and excellent 5 * homestay accommodation. Cyprus could well be your next vacation destination.

Cyprus is at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West and new experiences await you around every corner. The island is located in the idyllic Mediterranean Sea, so it already offers a wide variety of water activities for you and the family. Budget airlines from most UK airports fly to Cyprus and just a four and a half hour flight will get you out in the sun (so hopefully the kids won’t fuss too much). The cost of flights starts from £ 150 round trip per person at the beginning of the summer season in May, some airlines may offer family packages so be sure to shop around for the best deal. With all that Cyprus has to offer, you will not be disappointed.

When trying to choose the exact location for your family vacation in Cyprus, you will find that Paphos, a charming little port town in the west of the island, has the best reviews. Paphos hotels welcome families with open arms and offer a number of special offers and activities for children. Paphos has a rich historical background, hosting many interesting archaeological sites, including the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, the Tombs of the Kings, the baths of Aphrodite, the famous Mosaics of the House of Dionysos (under the protection of Unesco) and Paphos Fort. Cyprus is well known for its warm climate throughout the year, but for families it may be best to visit it a little before or after the peak summer season. Consider booking your vacation between March and May, which ties in very well with the Easter school holidays. The maximum temperature between these months ranges from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, so remember to pack your sunscreen!

Family activities
With family vacations, you need to keep yourself and the kids entertained. Having a daily schedule of activities before you arrive is a good way to plan your vacation. Paphos offers great family activities, here are some suggestions:

Amusement parks and water parks are a good day out for the family, an activity that both adults and children can enjoy. Aphrodite Water Park, located at the eastern end of the Kato Paphos Coastal Highway, is close to many of Paphos’s hotels, and offers a short trip if you stay nearby. There is a wide and varied selection of attractions and attractions. Spacious changing rooms and secure changing rooms are among the good facilities available in the park. One particularly nice feature is that any purchases made within the park are charged to your individual wristband, which means you don’t have to carry cash, which in some busy adventure parks can be a safety risk. A day in a water park for an adult (from 12 years old) will cost 29 euros, children from 3 to 11 years old cost 16 euros and babies under three years old are free. If you think you may want to visit the park a second time during your vacation, you can get a two-day pass, adult tickets 46 euros each and children 26 euros.

If the manic vibe of a water park is not for you and your family, but you still enjoy the water, then a boat excursion along the Paphos coast may be a better option. With a number of scheduled boat trips departing from the port of Paphos, visitors can choose between half-day or full-day trips, depending on how crowded the rest of their vacation schedule looks. There is also a wide selection of glass bottom boats: they usually leave Paphos and sail up the coast to the famous shipwreck of Vera K, offering you the opportunity to admire the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean, spot tropical fish and the fascinating marine life without getting soaked. Trips only last one hour and depart from Paphos port several times during the day.

If the kids crave a little more entertainment, a boat called the Jolly Roger is the boat for them. It is an old pirate ship that offers a fantastic day out for the whole family. Sail from Paphos along Coral Bay, then anchor for swimming and snorkeling. You can have a buffet style lunch while taking in the scenery and experiencing some fantastic family entertainment like limbo, face painting, acrobatic shows and pirate stunts, so hopefully there will be no bored kids or adults!

Cyprus is located in the easternmost part of the Mediterranean basin and in the middle of the migratory routes of millions of birds. Cyprus has a bird list of 374 species, making it a great destination for wildlife lovers. Fortunately, Paphos is home to some truly spectacular birds at the Paphos Bird and Animal Park. When visiting the park you will come across parrots, cockatoos, emus, ostriches, toucans and even pigeons among many other species. Some of the animals that you will see in the park will be camels, deer, giraffes, zebras, primates, snakes and many more. The park facilities include a restaurant and snack bar and a children’s farm where children can get up close and personal with rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and goats. If this is something you know you and your family will love, then the park is open to the public from October to March (winter season) and April to September (summer season), the adult rate is 15, 50 euros and 8.50 for children.

Where to eat
With all the sightseeing and adventures you’ll have, you need to keep your energy high. Cypriot cuisine is full of delicious warm Mediterranean flavors, there are many restaurants and cafes to choose from serving a variety of Cypriot, Middle Eastern and British-influenced cuisine. There is a selection of restaurants around the Old Port offering a variety of culinary styles with fantastic views. In most places, you will find a children’s menu due to Paphos’ popularity as a more family-friendly destination. Paphos hotels offer a wide variety of dishes in their restaurants / bars. Many large resorts offer complimentary meals for children, including a buffet-style lunch and dinner with a selection of children’s dishes; Along with the meal a selection of free drinks will also be served. That will help keep costs down and allow adults to enjoy themselves a bit!

Paphos Hotels
Paphos clearly has a lot to offer family tourists, but there is still one more thing to tell you about. Some of the Paphos hotels have a variety of activities and programs during the days and nights to entertain you and your children. These activities may include organized Wii competitions, t-shirt painting and design, table tennis, and other sports. While the children engage in organized activities, well cared for by the hotel staff, the adults can relax by the pool or book a Greek course, a cooking course or an exercise class. You may not even need to leave your hotel with all the activities on offer, but be sure to head out to see all the local historical attractions Paphos has to offer!

If you’ve never been to Cyprus and don’t know the language, here is a short guide with some key phrases that children and parents may find helpful.

Where is the nearest beach?
Pou ine i pio kontini paralia?
Που είναι η πιο κοντινή παραλία?

Where is the closest bathroom?
Pou ine i pio kontini toualeta?
Που είναι η πιο κοντινή τουαλÎτα?

Where is the tourist information?
Pou ine i touristikes plirofories?
Που είναι οι τουριστικÎς πληροφορίες?

Do you have facilities to change diapers?
Ehete diefkolinseis peripiisis vrefon?
Î ?? χετε διευκολÏ ?? νσεις περιποίησης βρεφÏ ?? ν?

Do you have high chairs?
Ehete pedika kathismata?
Î ?? χετε παιδικά καθίσματα?

Do you have a children’s menu?
Ehete pediko menou?
Î ?? χετε παιδικÏ ?? μενοÏ ???

How far is the airport?
Poso makria ine to the aerodromium?
ΠÏ ?? σο μακριά είναι το αεροδρÏ ?? μιο?

good morning

Good night
ΚαληνÏ ?? κτα

I want ice cream
Thelo Ena Pagoto
ΘÎλω Îνα παγωτÏ ??

Finally, here are some tips on transportation. Paphos has a recently renovated airport that can now be used in place of Larnaca Airport (the Maingate of Cyprus). The new Paphos airport is around a 10-15 minute drive from most hotels, while Larnaca is over an hour away. Airport transfers must be available as part of your accommodation, otherwise there are many car rental options at the airport that are open 24 hours. If you want to be able to get around easily with the family, then a rental car would be the best option, but remember that it is left hand drive. If you prefer to rely on public transportation, it can be inexpensive and convenient, but not the best idea if you are with young children. Buses can be cheap but you have to be patient, they do not run on a regular schedule and only run on certain roads. Why not rent some bikes to get around Paphos? This way it is cheap and you can see the sights at your leisure.

Paphos is a great family destination full of lively activities, historical sites, exotic wildlife, and friendly people. If you book flights in advance, accommodations that can meet all your needs, and explore family-friendly activities, it will be a fruitful and inexpensive experience that everyone will enjoy.


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