Make money selling on eBay – Hammertap versus Terapeak

Hammertap software and Terapeak software are two software programs used to help eBay sellers research the most popular selling product, what that product is selling for, and how competitive sellers are performing in the market. Both software programs provide eBay users with tons of statistical information about the products sold on eBay and are fairly easy to use. The most difficult aspect of these two software programs is how to decipher the statistics and turn them into the best profit available to the seller. In this article I present making money selling on eBay – Hammertap versus Terapeak.

To start making money selling on eBay, let’s first examine Hammertap software. Hammertap software provides users with video tutorials for its product on its website on how to use the software. The tutorials will guide the user through each step of the investigation process and teach them how to decipher the investigation and how to put those statistics into practice. The tutorial videos are generally about an hour long at a time, but they are also worth watching and listening to. You may even want to take some notes.

Other features of Hammertap are its price. Hammertap currently sells for $ 19.95 per month, compared to roughly $ 25 per month. Additionally, Hammertap recently released its web-based software. The first version of the Hammertap software was only available as a disc to be installed on a PC. That meant it couldn’t be used on Mac, Linux, or any other non-Windows platform. The web-based version means that subscribers of the software can log into the company’s website and use the program through their Internet browser on any computer. Hammertap also provides its users with an eBay fee calculation tool and a bad bidder blocking tool.

Now, let’s take a look at the Terapeak software. The Terapeak software was originally released as a web-based program before Hammertap released its web-based version. Terapeak sells for about $ 25 per month, but an annual subscription can be purchased for $ 197.95. The $ 25 per month is for your Terapeak Advantage plan. His Terapeak Insight plan is available for $ 15 per month. Terapeak’s design is much more pleasing to the eye compared to Hammertap’s. For those planning to make money selling on eBay, this is a solid advantage.

The Hammertap software displays colors of brown and green, while the Terapeak version of the software displays colors of red, blue, white, yellow, pink, and much more. Its layout design is much nicer and easier to navigate. Much of what is offered with Hammertap is also offered with Terapeak. That is, statistics on the supply and demand of products, how to list the products and price them, statistics on what other competitors are doing and what buyers want, when they want it and how they want it.

For those who want to make money selling on eBay, both the Hammertap software and the Terapeak software are almost identical in their features and statistics that they offer to the consumer. One of the main differences now that Hammertap has launched a web version of their product is that Terapeak is more expensive than Hammertap. However, for the veteran or novice eBay seller, you can’t go wrong with any of these products when it comes to selling your products on eBay.

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