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Mortgage Marketing for Realtors – Get 10 Realtors in 30 Days

Mortgage marketing for real estate agents can be an easy and enjoyable process. Having a constant stream of real estate agent referrals is a great way to ensure the continued growth of your business.

But how do you develop a reference partner network of quality, low-maintenance real estate agents? Good question. Below you will find the answer.

Are you ready to start? Here are easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions given in an outline format to help you develop 10 real estate agent referral relationships in the next 30 days.

I. Search for real estate agents

Option 1: Escrow Officers

1) Select 5 big title companies in different parts of the city.

2) Use the senior escrow officer of these companies to make a transaction.

3) Wow your client and have the escrow officer complete your client satisfaction survey at closing so the title officer can see what a great job you do for your clients.

You can download a sample customer satisfaction survey by visiting:


4) Immediately after the transaction funds, send a gift to the title officers of the 5 offices and tell them how much you appreciated their excellent service during the transaction.

5) Exactly one week after the title officers receive their thank you gift, go see them face to face and ask them for referrals to the best real estate agents. Ask for referrals to real estate agents who are easy to work with and who perform at least 2 transactions per month (or as many transactions as you like).

Option 2: List of main producers

Ask your title officer for a list of the top-producing real estate agents in your area. This list will allow you to target real estate agents who are actually doing business.

II. Approach real estate agents

Option 1: Approach chart

1) Send a letter to one or two real estate agents a day. Make sure to stay organized. Use software or some other method to keep track of who needs a follow-up call each day.

2) Send your letter in an unusual way to get noticed, like an overnight Fed Ex package, for example. Everyone opens night packages with great anticipation.

This is the delivery method I used. I learned it from Todd Duncan and it worked well:

Wrap your approach letter around a payday candy bar, use gold ribbon to hold the letter attached to the candy bar, then send your letter / candy bar to realtors in a tube.

This letter-sending technique is sure to turn heads.

For a sample approach letter to use when conducting mortgage marketing campaigns for realtors, visit:


Here are some important items to include in your focus letter:

* Offer a unique selling proposition (USP) that can help your business

* Tell them a little about yourself.

* Also, tell them that you will call in 2 days to schedule a face-to-face meeting. At the meeting, you will explain your USP and how you can improve your business.

Option 2: Office administrators and real estate agent associations

1) Contact the real estate offices and ask to speak to the manager. Explain to the manager that you are a high-production mortgage planner. He is currently offering complementary seminars to a limited number of real estate offices.

Here are some ideas for seminars:

* How Real Estate Agents Can Use 1% Mortgage Loans To Increase Their Business

* How to get more leads from your real estate website

* Anything you can think of would benefit the real estate agents in the office.

2) Offer to give the short talk during your next sales meeting.

3) Offer to bring lunch.

4) During your talk, offer real estate agents a valuable tool, gift, or information that can only be obtained by handing over your business card. When you send the gift, please include an approach letter explaining that you will be reaching out to them for a face-to-face meeting to discuss a USP that can increase your business.

You can also use this technique with local real estate associations. Offer to give your talk to the entire association. Just make sure the topic and information you discuss is really useful.

Try these ideas. They really work! You will be amazed at how quickly your mortgage referral business will grow.

By the way, if you are the shy type and don’t want to have face-to-face seminars or meetings with real estate agents, you can always hire someone or hire a partner to do these things for you.

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