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Do you love listening to the radio? If you’re just a big music fan, you might enjoy turning on the radio and listening to your favorite songs. But the problem with radio is that the songs are spontaneous and it’s hard to get a station that plays all the songs you love, or even one that filters out the songs that make you roll your eyes in exasperation. But now, with Pandora Radio, you can create custom radio stations that are just for you.

Created by the Music Genome Project, Pandora radio is an automated music recommendation program that is an Internet radio station. You can access it from your computer or from an app you put on your iTouch or iPhone, or your Android phones, your Slim and Sonos devices, or through Windows Mobile devices.

If you want to get Pandora, you can get it for free with the free subscription which still has a lot of ads or you can get ad-free for a subscription fee. Of course, with the former there are certain limitations on how much you can stream per month and some other features of the station.

But, if you love music and you love the spontaneity of radio, you’ll love Pandora. To start, she selects a station from her collection of over seven hundred thousand tracks. You can write your favorite artist, or you can write your favorite song, or even your favorite album. Pandora will present a list for you to choose from and then start playing a song or select whatever you choose. After that, Pandora will start streaming songs that have a similar style and sound to what you think. Several artists will appear, all of them somewhat related to the song or artist you are thinking of.

As each song plays, you’ll see a little thumbs up or down icon near the bottom and then it’s up to you to choose whether the specific choice Pandora made pleases you. If not, they will take you off the station and further optimize your station with songs that fit the original entry. If you like it, they will further expand your search. If you thumbs down twice for an artist, that artist and their entire collection of work will be excluded from your streams unless you’ve positively flagged the artist elsewhere.

Pandora also provides you with a menu that will give you a variety of options. You can choose not to play the song for a month, or a button that asks why this song was chosen, or move the song to another station, bookmark it, or buy it. If you bookmark the song, you can go to your bookmarked tabs and you can listen to a sample of it again and then decide if you want to buy it from Amazon or iTunes. If you love music, you will love this station that allows you to create a personalized music stream that is perfect for you. Not only will you hear songs that you love, but you will also learn about related music and you might even discover a band that will become your favorite through these mediums. Or you might listen to a new song by an artist you vaguely knew before.

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