NLP Fragmentation and Negotiation

If the term chunking information is new to you, keep in mind that chunking means grouping bits of information into chunks. This allows us to remember a sequence of small bits of information as a block, so we can memorize more at a time. Fragmenting 10 numbers (= bits) of a telephone number into three groups of numbers and all three groups as a block to remember the entire telephone number is a typical example of the NLP fragmentation principle.

It is always possible to reach an agreement when you are sufficiently involved in the negotiation. If you build on the principle involved first and get the agreement of the other person / party, then you can start to define the details. Check periodically with the other parties: if the specific things / actions are aligned with the agreed general principle.

People have diverse needs, which is why disagreements arise. In many cases, the disagreements will be in the details of how people want to carry out the general principles. People often forget that they can come to an agreement at a higher level.

If each party starts from specific details at a higher level and examines the essential principles / needs / wants involved, all parties will discover that they have some common goal / purpose and can agree in principle with each other. Once all parties agree in principle, they can begin the negotiation: each party will divide to plan the next steps while having a point of agreement to return to to verify that the negotiation is in progress, or if more disagreements arise, that they all go in the same desired common direction.

NLP chunking for memorization and recall is useful in any context, be it remembering a PIN, remembering a joke or a phone number when there is no way to record it, write it down or enter it on a phone while someone is telling / giving it to you. , or to organize a party, a project, an activity, the content of a speech, space, time, objects, thoughts, daily tasks, team responsibilities, asking questions, solving problems, fiscal management … And it pays to ensure that your bits of information are rich in content. A good analogy for my point is to imagine that you have a purse that can only hold seven coins. The purse doesn’t care if the coins are pennies or silver dollars.

The fragmentation of NLP can be used in the lives of all types of professionals in all fields or areas of life. Creativity is key here.

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