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Relationships: Does the childhood of some women prepare them to give themselves to the wrong men?

There are women in the world who will be happy to give themselves to a man, while there are women who will not. As a result of this, these women are going to have radically different expectations.

So there will be what the first group of women will look for and then there will be what the second group of women will look for. But regardless of what opinion a woman has, this could be what she’s been up to for some time.

The first kind

When it comes to a woman who is happy to give herself to a man, it does not mean that she will want a man to dominate her and even abuse her. What it will mean is that she will be willing to give herself to a man, without needing to be in control of what happens.

This is not going to be just any man; he will be a man whom she can trust and who respects her. The woman will then choose to be in this position, which means that she will also be able to step back if she needs to.

The key ingredients

It is clear, then, that this is something that can only happen if a woman and a man are in the right place. If the man is deeply insecure, has a need to control the woman, and lacks maturity, he will most likely end up abusing the trust that has been given to him.

On the other hand, if the woman is also deeply insecure and cannot fully trust a man, she will not be able to let him go completely. It will be as if someone behind her asks her to back off, but she won’t be able to.

Firm foundations

Once these parts are more or less in place, the woman will be able to let go and the man will normally be able to handle the power that has been given to him. Then it will be up to him to lead and make the right decisions.

It’s not about him doing what he wants and ignoring the woman’s needs; it will be about making him aware of what the woman needs and doing what he can to meet her needs. And, when the man acts in this way, he will allow the woman to take a break and fall into her feminine side.

A welcome relief

There is a chance that when it comes to other areas of your life, you spend a good amount of time exercising your masculine element. Whether it relates to decision making at work or other things to do, your feminine element will be pushed aside.

With this in mind, when a woman gives herself to a man, it does not mean that her masculine element will be put aside forever. There will be times when you use this part of your being and times when you don’t.

The second type

When it comes to a woman who is not interested in giving herself to a man, it may be because of what has happened in the past. Perhaps she has given herself to men, only for them to take advantage of her.

So your feminine side could be seen as a weakness, and you may even have lost contact with this part of your being. If you were to get into a relationship, it could be with a man who has just lost touch with his masculine side.

Internal conflict

From the outside, it might appear that the woman is like a mother and the man is like a son. And while being with such a man will allow you to maintain control, it does not mean that you will be happy deep down.

Even though she may have chosen a man like this, she could still complain that he is not standing his ground and lacking in guts. Then it will be as if you have ordered a meal and once it arrives you will complain that it is not the food.

Another scenario

For a woman like this to have a satisfying relationship, you probably need to investigate what’s going on inside her and heal her internal wounds. However, while there will be women who will no longer be able to give themselves to a man because of what has happened in their past, there will be many women who will do so despite being treated badly over and over again.

So it could be said that they will not only attract the wrong kind of men, but also lack the ability to know if a man is a decent human being. One approach would be for them to focus solely on the signals that a man like this shows: the red flags.

Other route

Another approach would be for them to investigate why they are continually attracted to men who want to take advantage of them. On a conscious level, being with such a man will make you suffer, but unconsciously, it is probably what you feel safe.

This could be difficult for them to accept, especially since it will have felt anything but safe to be with such a man. Still, the reason being with such a man feels safe is probably the result of what happened during his early years.

Back in time

At this point in their life, they may have been raised by at least one caregiver who abused them in some way. They would have been incredibly vulnerable, but this caretaker would not have been able to treat them in the right way.

The problem is that even though this moment in his life would have been very traumatic, he would have come to associate as what is familiar to his ego mind and for this part of them, what is familiar is classified as safe. Then it will be perfectly normal for them to recreate what happened during their early years, even though it caused them so much pain.


What this illustrates is how much of an effect a person’s early years can have on their adult life. Until someone investigates what happened and takes care of their internal wounds, they will continue to interpret what happened when they were younger.

If you can relate to this and want to transform your life, you may need to seek outside support. This is something that can happen with the help of a therapist or healer.


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