Secrets of Subliminal Seduction: A Sinful Seductive Secret

Can you send subliminal messages to women? Can you use them to make them attracted to you?

The short answer is yes. BUT it is not “black magic” that will allow you to cast a spell on a woman. Here’s how to send a strong subliminal message to women. This will really trip your attraction switches!

Secrets of subliminal seduction

Subliminal is really a fancy word for body language. Strong body language is the key to get past your awareness and into your gut.

Just to clarify; It is NOT about forcing women to do things against their will. That is not possible (thank goodness).

Lean back …

Leaning on a woman is the perfect way to say “I’m desperate for you. Don’t leave me!”

Umm no. This is NOT what you want to convey to a woman. Whenever a man leans towards me when he speaks, I get bored with him. The simple fact of the matter is that you just let me know that you love me.

Where’s the fun if I already know I can have it?

You must lie down and always look comfortable. This gives us the feeling that it is about to leave. Therefore, this shows that you have great value in yourself. This little subtlety can have very powerful effects.

It shows that you are not “caught” in our conversation, which actually makes us curious about you. It makes us think, “Who does he think he is? Maybe he should find out.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, curiosity is vital to awakening attraction. Without it, we just get bored of you.

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