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Seychelles: a travel destination for everyone

With its pristine white sand beaches and luxury hotels, a Seychelles vacation can seem like the boring trip you’ll ever take, right? Incorrect. With activities for everyone from the grumpy teenager to the laid-back grandparents, Seychelles is truly a travel destination for everyone.

You can dive during your stay in the Seychelles or, better yet, take long walks in the lush national parks found throughout the country. Mission at Sans Souci on Mahe Island is a learning curve for those who may be vaguely familiar with the islands’ colonial past. The breathtakingly green backdrop of the serene place found in Mahe boasts a great view of neighboring islands like Ste Anne.

If you are visiting the area with a relatively large group, watching the sunset from the kiosk built in the ancient city of Venn is breathtaking, to say the least. For the younger crowd, hotels like Beau Vallon Bay are known for putting on live shows with the latest hits and local releases playing there. Your night can start there and end at the various nightclubs in Victoria. At 2am you may want to try the pirate taxi (minicab) to return to your hotel.

If your teens are happily over 18, they can also afford a short taxi ride to the Tequila Boom nightclub; Believe it or not brings a Middle Eastern flavor to the Seychelles clubbing experience. As is the case with all local dance clubs in Seychelles, smart casual wear is essential to get in, however most establishments have a strictly no-coach policy.

For those who want to get rid of all the noise and bright lights of European cities, Seychelles is the place where you can safely stroll along the beach and enjoy the glorious full moon, adding the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening.

The Seychelles still have some buildings from the colonial era, waiting to be explored by those fascinated by history. Thirty-two of these buildings are preserved in their natural state forever preserving their colonial past, architecture and way of life. These buildings are known as national monuments. Going to Victoria is a must for any visitor, the smallest capital on the planet. There are several national monuments in Victoria not to miss the Victoria Market on a Saturday morning.

In terms of activity, the Seychelles are perfect for deep-sea fishing, which is natural considering that the Seychelles is an archipelago. Diving is also quite popular, as the underwater world of the Seychelles is as exciting as it is diverse. You can sail, live on board for a few days. So, Seychelles is a destination for everyone as it offers sun, unspoiled beaches and also great nightlife.

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