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The best corner tandems on the baseball field

The Red Sox may have a good chance of repeating as American League East champions this season, but a report from a major sports website has ranked them worst on a vital component of a baseball team. The criticism involves two positions in the Boston squad, including former World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval.

According to Jonah Keri of, the Red Sox corner infielders are the worst in all of baseball. Those two positions are made up of Sandoval at third base and Mitch Moreland at first, neither of whom played a game for Boston’s division-winning team last year.

The club that toppled the Red Sox, meanwhile, should have one of the best tandems in the corners of the draw in 2017. Cleveland already has a potential star in José Ramírez at third place, and they signed free agent slugger Edwin Encarnación to play first. based.

As impressive as that duo may seem, they may not yet be a match for the corner infielders on the Chicago team that beat Cleveland in the World Series last October. The Cubs have the top two MVP candidates filling those spots, with 2016 MVP-winning third baseman Kris Bryant and MVP runner-up Anthony Rizzo at the start.

Here are five other clubs that have great tandems in the corner positions of the table.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Having rehired free agent Justin Turner to play third, the Dodgers can rest assured that he will pair up with slugger Adrian Gonzalez to give the team a powerful left-to-right combination in the middle of the order.

Kansas City Royals

Injuries forced Mike Moustakas to be replaced in third place last year, and Eric Hosmer remains a key part of the team that won back-to-back pennants.

Chicago White Sox

Todd Frazier is an All-Star third baseman who hit more than forty home runs last year, and first baseman Jose Abreu is a potential MVP.

Detroit Tigers

Nick Castellanos is a commendable competitor in the hot corner, and Miguel Cabrera is a future Hall of Famer in Cooperstown.

Baltimore Orioles

His corner duo of Manny Machado and Chris Davis is a big reason Buck Showalter’s team has made perennial trips to the postseason. Machado is a star third baseman, while Davis remains one of the game’s prolific sluggers.

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