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The history of the Suzuki AH 100 scooter

In 1992, the Suzuki AH 100 became the last scooter offered by the Japanese two-wheel giant. Designed to appeal to the urban cyclist, the AH 100 was powered by a basic 99cc two-stroke single cylinder engine. Suzuki had already built a reputation in two-stroke design with scooters like the AE 50 and the AH 100 continuing the tradition of reliability.

At just 8 hp on tap, this Suzuki scooter was never intended to set the streets on fire. It could still do 60 mph though, which isn’t bad considering the AH 100 has tiny 10-inch wheels. Braking safety was adequate with disc brakes at the front and drums at the rear. The Suzuki AH 100 was also a very light bike at only around 90kg. This made handling a breeze for riders of all ages, statures, and builds. The AH 100 came with an automatic transmission, which simplified the learning curve. After a couple of minutes of practice, even a novice motorcyclist could confidently approach the AH 100 scooter.

The instrument panel provided all the basic information, with a cluster that housed an odometer, a speedometer, and various gauges and warning lights. The automatic transmission made the controls very basic, with a single throttle and two brakes. The Suzuki AH100 even came with an electric start, making for an overall package of convenience and ease. A quick start is also provided for cold weather conditions and as a backup to automatic starting.

While production ceased in 1996, a Suzuki AH 100 can still be found occasionally in town. Build quality was excellent with a classic scooter styling with long clean lines. Very elegant to look at, the AH100 was comfortable too, with a comfortable and ergonomic seat design. Under this seat, a spacious storage compartment could easily hold the rider’s helmet.

Enthusiasts and proud owners still use the Suzuki AH 100 as their daily routine in the city. Since production ceased nearly 20 years ago, owners may have a difficult time sourcing genuine parts. Some dealers still stock AH100 parts that can keep the scooter running like new. While the Suzuki two-stroke engine will generally not give any problems, the timing may have affected other components. With a little care and a few pounds, any Suzuki AH 100 can be restored, giving you an inexpensive city bike that drinks gas but spits out breakneck performance.


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