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Vacuum check for all Dyson DC14 floors

The Dyson DC14 Bagless Upright Cyclonic All Floor Vacuum is a general purpose household vacuum. It employs Dyson’s proprietary Root Cyclone technology that provides powerful suction while ensuring there is no loss of suction when vacuuming. Also included is a motorized brush bar that can be turned on to remove embedded pet hairs in carpets and rugs, or turned off to protect more delicate carpets (and for bare floors). The DC14 replaces the previous Dyson DC07 model.

Consumer feedback

Consumer feedback on this vacuum cleaner is generally very favorable, with many consumer reports expressing satisfaction with the suction power, ergonomics, and durability of the machine. On the downside, some consumers report that the price is excessive, and others report that installing the wand can be cumbersome at times. Several consumers also indicated disgust with the accompanying documentation, or lack thereof, although other reviews indicated that the documentation was complete but simply contained several minor errors. One comment that came up multiple times was how the vacuum adjusts to the mat height automatically, making a manual adjustment unnecessary. This is a popular feature with consumers. Customers also seem to appreciate the canister’s easy-emptying feature and the fact that the filter, while requiring occasional cleaning, never needs to be replaced.

Consumers report that the Dyson DC14 operates at roughly the same noise level as other Dyson models. Although it is not an overly loud vacuum cleaner, it also cannot be described as quiet and is therefore likely to be average when it comes to household vacuum cleaners in this regard.

Several consumers have commented on the difficulty of setting up the wand accessory. This is likely due to the fact that setting the wand is a two-step process. The wand needs to be pulled out of the hose, then the hose is attached to one end of the wand, and the fitting is used at the other end. The steps involved are a nuisance to some, though apparently not to others. Wand accessories include a ladder tool, crevice tool, and brush tool.

Price range

The Dyson DC14 All-Floor Vacuum is priced at $ 292 for the base model and $ 529 for the full-featured model. An extended warranty can also be purchased if one feels that the standard warranty is not sufficient. If you can find a model on sale or find a point of sale with special purchase coupons, sometimes savings of up to 20% can be achieved, making this high-quality machine much more affordable. You can also buy a mini turbine head, useful for collecting animal hair in tight places. It costs about $ 70 and is available, among other places, at Sears.

Attached files

Some vacuum cleaner reviews express concern about the plastic parts found on many makes and models. The Dyson DC14 uses polycarbonate materials that form a very hard and durable plastic, and Dyson consumer reviews do not mention any broken container or any other pieces of plastic. There are several versions of the DC14 available, the main difference being the accessories available and the colors. The basic Low Reach model has a low reach tool and 3 other accessories. The Animal model comes with a carpet cleaning kit and a small turbine rod, while the Full Gear model is the same as the Animal model, except that warranties differ. The Complete model has a mattress attachment and a soft brush for dusting.

Ratings and availability

The DC14’s consumer ratings are good, but perhaps not as good as some of the other Dyson uprights on the market today. Dyson DC14 models can generally be found at K-Mart, Amazon.com, Home Depot, and Sears. Reviews indicate that the Full Gear model is available at Best Buy and the Complete model at Sears, however these models can probably be found at various other internet retailers as well.


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