Wave ban from the Xbox 360 console – November 2009

Thousands of consoles are banned after going online with the latest updates. Xbox 360s that have firmware or drives that differ from the originals have been massively banned in recent weeks. The cause is the firmware scan, and this currently cannot be prevented unless you disconnect from the online service until the problem is gone.

If your console has already been banned, then you will not be able to use the profiles and saves used on that console, and they will show up as corrupt.

The way the console was displayed won’t get around this ban unless it means not doing it at all.

Consoles have been reported to have been updated with the latest JF and iX firmware. I can confirm a ban on a console that had been used with the latest JF and 1.6 iX. Currently there will be no way around it, so make sure to use the original FW.

If you want to check if your console is banned and you haven’t received a message yet, check on the PC as it is the safest way. Login with the account linked to your console, or create a new one and register your console. To do this, hover over the Support tab and select “Check repair status”, here you can see the console linked to your account or register yours. When you find the console, click “Request a repair.” If this doesn’t show an error, chances are you can connect as long as you have the original firmware.

Before connecting, be sure to disconnect your hard drive and all attached memory cards. Select “System Settings” and then select “Network Settings”. Double check to make sure your hard drive is not connected as your data will be corrupted if banned.

Select “Test Xbox Live Connection” and let it complete. When done, press the ‘Y’ button and you will see an error status report. If after Z: it shows “8015-190D”, then you are banned. Anything other than this is most likely not prohibited.

In general, don’t risk anything at this time until more news comes out.

Good luck!

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