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What Makes a Great Email Newsletter?

In order for you to write a great email newsletter, it is important that you know what the newsletter features are. So take a look at the following tips:

A great email newsletter is one that builds a relationship, rather than attempting an immediate sale. The idea is to provide excellent, informative and interesting content that makes a person really want to buy your product or service. There is no need to yell out the latest deals and just emphasize on selling all the time and throwing prices away. A good newsletter is one that sells the product idea rather than trying to sell the product itself.

A good newsletter is also one that is well designed and easy to read. This means that it makes use of subheadings, paragraphs, bullets and enough white space between the content. There should be a navigation tool to help readers find their way to the different sections and areas of the newsletter. Also, each section should contain a link that takes the reader to the top.

Newsletter content should also be easily distinguishable from sponsored content or advertisements. This can be done using slightly shaded backgrounds. An interesting fact to note here is that when the background is shaded, the email content appears much less extensive. This is a good idea, as it makes your content feel short and easy to read. A good newsletter is also one that has your logo in the upper left corner of the email. The reason for doing this is that the logo can be seen in the preview pane. The logo is also small enough that it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the information at the top of the email.

Another feature is that it is addressed to the recipient to whom it is sent. For example, if the recipient is interested in baking, then the newsletter must have something to do with cakes, pastries, recipes, or anything else related to baking. In other words, it should cover what the reader is interested in. This is nothing more than simple segmentation and customization.

It should also encourage communication. This means that your newsletter should really show the reader how much you want to hear from the reader. Provide multiple ways for readers to contact or communicate with you. Some suggestions are to place a link that takes the reader to your comment form and provide an email address that will be transferred to your help desk.

So when you decide to write an email newsletter, keep these tips in mind so you can write a great one!

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