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Where to Buy Wholesale Microbrewery Equipment

Where to Buy Wholesale Microbrewery Equipment

Starting a microbrewery is both exhilarating and intimidating. You need to create a business plan that includes an operations and financial analysis. This will help you decide if the brewery is a good investment.

The United States has a three-tier system for the distribution of alcohol. Producers sell their wares to wholesale merchants, who then sell them to retailers.

Brewery Supplies

If you want to serve perfectly poured draft beer that is light and bubbly with a nice head of foam, then Rapids Wholesale has the beer equipment supplies to help you. They offer a complete line of beer towers, beer faucets, beer shanks, keg supplies, long-draw systems, and keg accessories.

If you are starting a microbrewery you need the right equipment to produce high quality brewing batches of beer. The key to producing the best possible beer is a good brewhouse. Rapids Wholesale has a wide range of stainless steel brewery tanks to choose from, as well as a variety of other used and new beer equipment.

A kit like Bulldog Brews, Muntons, Geordie or Milestone will contain liquid or dry (spray dried) malt extract that when diluted with water produces wort for the brewing process. These kits can be bought with or without hops and those containing the higher level of malt (3kg to make 23 litres) typically do not require sugar addition. If you purchase a higher malt content, look out for “all malt” style kits that are not dressed up with sugar syrup or barley syrup and are more expensive but will produce a better quality beer.

Brewery Equipment

Whether you are looking for 12 bbl or 30bbl Microbrewery equipment, we have the wholesale brewing equipment you need. From insulated or non-insulated kettles, jacketed or non-jacketed conical fermenters to keg washers and other brewhouse accessories. We can supply you with a turnkey brewery or just the pieces you need to get your project up and running quickly.

The Supplier Directory features commercial brewing equipment manufacturers, brewery supplies and ingredient suppliers, organized by product categories for easy searching. Use the filters and search boxes to find what you need. Supplier Directory listings are a member benefit, so please contact us to learn more about joining the community. We are always happy to help!

Brewing Supplies

There are many wholesale suppliers of beer making kits that are ideal for the home brewer and are normally based in the UK. A “normal” quality kit contains liquid or dry (spray dried) malt extract that when diluted with water produces wort which is then boiled and fermented with yeast to produce the alcohol. Kits from companies such as Bulldog Brews, Coopers, Muntons, Woodfordes, Geordie, Milestone and Better Brew normally contain up to 1.8kg malt extract per 23 litres. Some manufacturers offer an “all malt” style kit that is a higher quality and does not require sugar addition, but always check the ingredients list as some cheaper kits are simply dressed up with barley syrup or sugar to make them look more exclusive.

The best bars serve excellent draft beer, and a key ingredient to an excellent pint is the perfectly chilled, well-poured beer with a good head of foam. To ensure you can meet your customer’s demands, you will need the right equipment from Rapids Wholesale to supply the best quality draft beer supplies including keg dispensers, keg accessories, long-draw systems, taps and beer shanks.

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Brewing Equipment

Whether you’re brewing in small batches for your homebrew or large volumes of craft beer, finding the right commercial brewing equipment is critical. You’ll need everything from a brewery brewhouse to a keg washer, not to mention the right ingredients and supplies.

Stainless Steel brewing tanks and equipment in bulk. Insulated and non-insulated brew kettles, jacketed and non-jacketed conical fermenters. Designed for brewing lagers, ales, ciders and many more flavors of craft beer.

OneVision provides quality control inspection systems for the food and beverage industry, including can seams inspection, fill level detection, carton coding, and more. Located in Canada, trusted worldwide.


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