Why the law protects the rich and imprisons the poor

While the justice system in the United States is meant to provide the same protection for everyone, this is simply not the case. Time and again it has been shown that if you have money, you can get away with just about anything, in some cases even murder! This is a trend that has to stop here in America, and fortunately for our nation, there have been big changes to our justice system lately. While these changes have had a great impact on many cases and individuals, they are by no means complete. And because of this, in fact, the law is only meant to protect the rich and maintain the status quo.

There are numerous examples of this being the case in the United States throughout history. In fact, it can be argued that because America was founded by some of its richest men and individuals at the time, who even did so on purpose, our founding fathers came to realize that the economy and well-being of the United States depended on the wealth of only a handful of people. If these people are not more protected than others, our entire nation could be doomed.

At least that’s what they thought in the 1700s and 1800s, anyway. But by now, we’ve seen the deleterious effects of having such a negative outlook on the United States. Wealthy people and large companies engage in unethical and illegal business practices every day, yet charges are rarely brought against them. However, when a poor man leans his head on a sidewalk to go to sleep at night, he can be arrested and thrown in jail simply because he does not have a home to go to at night. Instead of arresting the man, he should be helped, and maybe he can improve his own life. Arresting him is nothing more than angering him and making him even more defiant in front of the law.

Look at the case of OJ Simpson in the 1990s: almost everyone around the world recognized the fact that OJ did indeed kill Nicole, but the former soccer star was acquitted of murder. Because he had millions of dollars and was able to put together one of the most intimidating, effective and expensive legal teams ever heard of, OJ Simpson was found not guilty.

But there are recent cases of justice being done lately, even when it comes to the rich, famous and powerful. Look at OJ Simpson’s most recent legal troubles, for example: He was not long convicted of armed robbery, and now he can face life in prison. And of course, there’s the dogfighting case involving Atlanta Falcon star quarterback Michael Vick – he was convicted, convicted, and does not spend time in federal prison on dogfighting charges. He has lost all of his sponsors because of this, along with the career he has been working so hard for. However, he committed the crime and now he has to serve the time. Regardless of wealth or fame.

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