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Linda Yamamoto is an 84-year-old Japanese-American woman who has received acupuncture from the Boston Acupuncture Clinic for the past 9 years. She stayed home until her youngest son went to high school. She then began working for the government as an accountant. She has been very sociable, active and happy. She donated money to a foundation to help needy Asian college students. She doesn’t travel much, which gives her time to participate in many types of social activities in the Boston area. Her husband takes her by car. She gets upset when her husband forgets to pick her up and rarely complains about her.

Good genes do not guarantee good health

Linda has inherited good genes from her mother, who lived to be 98 without any health insurance. But these good genes do not protect Linda from getting sick. She developed a hypothyroid condition when she turned 40 after giving birth to her third child. She started taking Synthroid for her thyroid condition. After a few years on thyroid medication, she developed atrial fibrillation (AF). She then took a β blocker and two other medications for her heart condition. Her heartbeat slowed with the medication, but never returned to normal.

HRT (hormone replacement therapy) treatment brought dreams to many postmenopausal women. They thought that they could regain their youth by taking this magic pill. Linda tried it at the age of 68 only to see her period return a year later. She thought that was unnatural and she stopped the hormone pill immediately. Her good genes could not protect her in modern society. Linda developed breast cancer at the age of 70 after taking hormone supplements for a year. She underwent surgery and radiation therapy, but she did not take tamoxifen to block her estrogen receptors, so she retained her muscle strength.

At the age of 80, she stopped working for the government because she realized the stress was too much for her. She spent more time at social events. She always sleeps eight hours no matter what time she goes to bed. When she went to bed after midnight, her heartbeat became irregular and her digestion became poor. For some time, she attended many late-night social events and ate dinner after 7 p.m. During that time, her heartbeat was irregular even though she was taking three medications for her condition. I recommended that she stop drinking coffee, eat dinner before 7 pm, and go to bed before midnight.

Back on track with a healthy and disciplined routine

Linda gradually changed her clothes. The condition of the heart and digestion have been improving in recent years. She went to her cardiologist for routine checkups on her and finally stopped taking all of her heart medications at the age of 87. Linda keeps coming to see me for acupuncture facial rejuvenation. Her heartbeat is around 55 to 65 without any heart medication. Also, since she stopped her medication, the coldness in her hands and feet has decreased, and they don’t turn extremely pale during winter.

With the improvement of his heart condition, he began to train himself in a gym to tone his muscles. When she started lifting weights three times a week, she started having pain in her knee and hip. But because he eats healthy, he didn’t have any systemic inflammation and his muscle aches eased with just one or two acupuncture treatments. With acupuncture and exercises, his joint pain and Raynaud’s syndrome no longer bother him. His face looks like that of a 50-year-old woman; she still has a sharp memory and never forgets to pay her bills on time. She still cooks, cleans and lives in her own house.

In 2016, Linda fell in the bathtub and fractured her thoracic vertebrae, shrinking herself several inches. She made me very sad that she could never continue her acupuncture facial rejuvenation. Since Linda has been exercising her whole life, she was able to recover from the bad fall in 2 months. She returned for her acupuncture routine 3 months after her fall and she told me that she has developed more wrinkles on one side of her face. When we met in the waiting room, she told me that she would like her to use acupuncture to reduce those wrinkles. Some of my patients, who were in the waiting room, were so impressed with her facial skin and her muscle tone. They thought she looked 60 years old when the reality was that she was 93 years old.


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