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My colon cleansing experience

N. Walker is a man often referred to as the “father of juice” and is also believed to have lived to be over one hundred and twenty years old. He was not the father of juice due to steroids. He got his nickname from his famous vegetable juice. He drank vegetable juice to promote a healthy colon as well as whole body health. After reading N. Walker’s book, I immediately took steps to cleanse my colon.

I contacted a colon cleansing therapist and arranged for a popular procedure known as a colon hydrotherapy session. The whole process was very painless and took no time at all. You simply lie on a table with your knees drawn up to your chest and your butt exposed. The therapist will gently insert a plastic tube into your anus and begin slowly pumping warm, purified water into your colon. It’s a very strange feeling at first, but you get used to it after a while. Once the pressure builds up, it can get a little uncomfortable, but you’ll forget about all of that once you let the water drain away and flush out all the built up debris.

I really didn’t know what to think of myself at the time. I was lying on the table in the clinic with a bare bottom and a hose up my butt, watching my own fecal matter flow through a second, larger hose as it was washed from my body. I admit it was a little embarrassing, but it’s nothing the hydrotherapist hasn’t seen before.

The hydrotherapist fills the colon until the pressure is greater than it is expected to withstand and then allows it to pass through the waste removal tube. This is done about three times during a single session, all the while the therapist will be massaging your stomach to help expel accumulated waste. It’s actually very relaxing! After about an hour, the session ends and you are allowed to go to the bathroom and naturally get rid of any remaining water or waste.

After my first hydrotherapy session I scheduled another for the following week. As soon as I left the clinic I felt so much lighter and more energetic and I knew I was on the right track to restore my health again. The therapist warned me that he might get very tired and want to sleep all day after the first session. I did! I was so exhausted. I found this to be quite common with the initial session, as getting rid of all the waste that has built up over the years can be very taxing on the body. The fatigue wears off after a bit of rest and soon you’re back on your feet and going stronger than ever.

Immediately after my next session something happened that I never expected and I was quite surprised. I developed a bright red rash in large patches all over my abdomen and it slowly spread to other parts of my body over the course of a week or so. I consulted the hydrotherapist about the rashes and was assured that they were, in fact, a direct result of the colonic hydrotherapy session. You see, when your body gets rid of all that toxic waste, it begins to fully detox by getting rid of the leftover toxins in any way it can. In my case I was sweating them. The toxins are what caused the rash! After a couple of weeks it all cleared up and has never been back since.

There was another very strange and unexpected thing that happened to me after my third session. I couldn’t stand red meat anymore! It would literally make me feel very bad. I’m a steak and potatoes guy, so the sudden lack of red meat in my diet was a pretty weird twist. Even now, after all this time, I can’t eat a big, juicy New York strip steak burger without feeling nauseous. There’s something about red meat that doesn’t sit well with my digestive system anymore. The hydrotherapist suggests that my body is reacting this way because he is trying to warn me that red meat is not good for me. It would be like someone smoking tobacco for a long time, stopping for a long time, and then suddenly starting again. They will surely turn green. It’s at least better for my health and poultry and fish are still on the menu.

Despite the strange things that have come up, I am very satisfied with my colon hydrotherapy sessions overall. I feel much healthier than I could ever remember and have the satisfaction of knowing that my body is free of all those nasty toxins. I would definitely recommend hydrotherapy to one and all. Not only will it make you feel better, but you will be able to maintain your health for much longer. After all, an unhealthy colon is a killer!


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