10 proven ways to make money from your own blog

Several people own blogs but do not know how to make money from them. This is mainly because they don’t realize how to create attention and attraction for potential customers to fund their blogs. A well-planned and managed blog can offer you freedom and control over your financial future. By effectively following up on the promises of certain blogs and following the instruction manuals, you can smile down to the bank. Along those lines, in the following discussion, we’ll look at 10 proven ways to make money from your own blog.

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a very important tool that was designed with blog and website publishers in mind. Google AdSense works on cost per click (CPC) and profit per click (EPC). Blog publishers will basically get paid for clicks on the ads that appear on their sites. Anyone who has created and maintains their blogs can essentially take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. If you really know how to use the tool to your advantage, you can generate a lot of income.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates are primarily an affiliate system of a program that primarily involves an agreement between the advertiser (you) and the retailer (Amazon). The advertiser markets the stakeholder and the retailer pays him on the basis of an agreement. More importantly, the Amazon associate will receive a commission when an interested buyer clicks on a certain link online and makes a purchase. If you can market as many product links as possible on your blog and sell a few Amazon products, you may really be able to make a lot of money on your blog.

3. e-books

E-books are basically books that are in electronic copy format and can be downloaded through an Internet connection. There are several ways to create e-books. You can employ writers, write them yourself, or even use public domain content. There are always numerous buyers willing to purchase your e-books, regardless of their area of ​​concentration. With your blog, you can either sell your e-books and make money or you can choose to sell the e-books to other writers and they will pay a commission.

4. Sponsored content

Sponsored content is generally a native advertising method through which brand sponsored videos and articles appear on social media platforms and influencer sites and also in publishers. When you have sponsored content, there are usually a number of things that you need to keep in mind when marketing it. First of all, make perfect timing for your content, link the content to your audience goals, use high-quality content, such images, to add value to the content and keep the tone identifiable and authentic. You can always find articles sponsored by big brand brands and advertise them on your blog and through that you can raise a significant amount of money.

5. Contextual ads

This is essentially a form of targeted advertising that features advertisements that appear on websites, such as content displayed on mobile device browsers. Simply put, in contextual ads, the system displays ads that are closely related to your site’s content based on keyword targeting. With contextual ads, you are typically paid by the number of clicks. If you can get a significant number of contextual ads displayed on your blog, then you can make relatively good money depending on the number of clicks.

6. Banner ads

This is an ad that appears on a web page in the form of a column, bar, or box. The main function of a banner ad is to promote a brand or, more importantly, to get visitors to the host site to advertise on your advertiser’s website. The main function of a banner is to add traffic to your site and through that you can seal your marketing deal. The more traffic gets to your blog, the better. High traffic means high income.

7. Online courses

When you talk about an online course, it is essentially a method of selling what you know. It can be your skill or any art form, like teaching people to play the guitar, bake bread, or use specific software. With your blog, you can sell your course online very easily. Many people around the world can learn the course by increasing traffic to their website. Through this, you can earn a lot of money on your blog.

8. Promote paid webinars or live events

Promoting paid webinars basically refers to promoting a web conference, online meeting, or presentation that takes place online. Live events are always advantageous for both attendees and presenters. One consideration when it comes to promoting live events is the target audience. Through the promotion of paid webinar events, you generate traffic to your blog, so you end up getting paid by your advertiser.

9. Earn money for writing reviews

Various brands hire people to write reviews about them and their products. On top of that, you always have to be honest when showing both positive and negative reviews. Importantly, through other freelancing platforms, you can also get review writing jobs for different brands. In fact, this can earn you a lot of money if you are consistent in your work. All you need is to equip yourself with the right tips.

10. Consulting service

Consulting services basically refer to professional practices that offer expert advice in a particular field. There are many areas in which you can specialize and offer advice when it comes to your blog. Making money through consulting services starts with inventing your experience and skills first. With your skill and experience, you can always earn money per project. Use your blog to advertise your services and you will earn good money through consulting.


With the ways mentioned above, it is undoubtedly obvious to see ways to make good money from your blog. All you need is to manage, maintain, and take advantage of the various opportunities to make money from your blog.

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