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What is the History of Satta Matka?

History of Satta Matka

Satta Matka is a type of gambling where a person bets on random numbers. The game is based on luck and there are many tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning. You can also practice your skills in a free Satta Matka website before playing for real money. However, the main thing is to have fun and stay in control of your emotions. This will reduce the chance of losing your money and make the game even more fun.

Satta matka was first introduced in the 1950s by a farmer from Kutch, Gujarat. Initially, it involved betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to Bombay via teleprinters. But when the New York Cotton Exchange halted this practice in 1961, the gamblers looked for alternative ways to keep the business thriving. Hence, the game was changed to include betting on random numbers instead of the cotton rate.

The 1980s and 1990s saw the zenith of the satta matka business, with betting volumes reaching Rs 50 crore-range every month. But as the business grew, there was a heavy crackdown from police as gambling is illegal in India. The sattamatka business soon came under the spotlight of Mumbai police and was forced to move online.

What is the History of Satta Matka?

During the early 1960s, Ratan Khatri – known as the original Matka King – controlled a nationwide illegal gambling network with international connections that dealt with crores of rupees. He used to collect the bets from thousands of people, and pay out the winning amounts in cash. He was arrested in 1995, and the game he loved so much was taken over by crooks who fixed the numbers.

Today, sattamatka is played online, but it remains popular among many Indian players. The game is a source of excitement and entertainment, and is part of India’s culture and history. The best way to play is by knowing the rules and understanding the strategy. You should also be aware of the risks and know when to stop betting.

In sattamatka, the numbers from 0 to 9 were written on pieces of paper and put into a matka, which is a large earthen pitcher. A person would then draw a chit and declare the winning numbers. Over the years, as times and the game changed, this practice evolved too, but the name stayed the same. The word “matka” is derived from the Hindi word for a pot or pitcher.

Satta matka is a game of chance, but it is also a skill-based game that requires a lot of practice and patience. In order to be successful, you must learn how to bet correctly and read the results of previous matches. It is also important to choose a reputable bookmaker and stick with it. There are many scams out there, so you should always check the reputation of any bookmaker before you make a deposit.


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