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How Can a CIO Advisory Assist in IT Asset Management and Optimization?

How Can a CIO Advisory Assist in IT Asset

CIO advisory is a service that assists the chief information officer (CIO) and other IT leadership in aligning business strategy through enabling technological innovation. With an expansive technology experience across industries and a holistic approach, CIO advisors are able to decipher the needs of the enterprise.

IT teams can become overwhelmed with operational issues that prevent them from focusing on developing new IT capabilities or delivering new services to the business. A CIO advisory can work with IT to prioritize issues, and also introduce new governance and processes to reduce the number of operational issues and improve efficiency.

Often, the IT department is under pressure to keep costs down, and this leads to IT asset management (ITAM) being overlooked. The result is underutilization of IT assets and shelfware, as well as non-compliance with software license agreements. An effective ITAM program can increase the value of your IT estate and deliver significant operating savings.

How Can a CIO Advisory Assist in IT Asset Management and Optimization?

Many IT departments struggle to promote their value in the organization, and a CIO advisor can assist by using their vast experience of promoting change to show the benefits that IT can offer. In addition, a CIO advisor can also help to align IT objectives with those of the business, and this can ensure that the IT function is not only heard but also valued by other leaders in the company.

A growing concern for IT leaders is that they feel their voices are not being listened to when the company sets goals and plans for growth. Having a CIO advisor can help the IT team to build a strong partnership with other departments and demonstrate how technology can deliver competitive advantage.

With the proliferation of digital technologies and the onslaught of new services, IT infrastructure is a critical enabler of business productivity. A CIO advisor can assess current IT capacity and provide recommendations to scale up the capacity to meet changing business requirements, while ensuring the infrastructure is secure, cost-effective and flexible enough to support future business growth.

Getting the most value from your IT investments requires a comprehensive IT roadmap that is tied to the delivery of measurable objectives. A CIO advisory can assist in developing IT strategy and planning for the future, identifying opportunities to automate and leverage new technologies like robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to improve productivity and deliver business value.

IT transformation is a complex journey that encompasses a wide range of business and technical challenges. A CIO advisory can provide valuable insight to guide an organization’s IT transformation, and help them to achieve success.


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