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Top 10 Reasons Thorium Power Should Replace Uranium And Coal As Power King

Thorium has been used for years in high-quality camera lenses and microwave ovens. With many other uses, thorium is now destined to be crowned king as an alternative energy source. Although technically a nuclear energy, thorium’s properties lend itself to many advantages over uranium and coal. Here are the “TOP 10” Reasons why Thorium Energy is the world’s largest alternative energy source. Four of the top ten are due to the most important reasons. The safety and possible survival of humanity.

  1. Safer: Thorium does not produce plutonium, greatly reducing, if not eliminating, the risk of nuclear proliferation.
  2. Safer: Thorium does not need nuclear fuel rods that erase all danger of nuclear fusion as seen in Japan.
  3. Safer: Thorium has less than 1% of nuclear waste as uranium, which is much safer for storage.
  4. Safer: Thorium is used to eliminate existing nuclear weapons stacks. American and Russian scientists are working together on thorium technology to reduce plutonium in Russia.
  5. Energy: One ton of thorium can produce as much energy as 200 tons of uranium or up to 3,500,000 tons of coal. This astonishing proclamation made by Carlo Rubia of the European Organization for Nuclear Research.
  6. Energy: Thorium can be recycled providing more energy efficiency than any other energy in the world.
  7. Abundant: There is approximately 3 to 4 times more thorium in the earth’s crust than uranium.
  8. Cost: Thorium technology will save billions of dollars in safety and transportation costs. Safety because limited thorium waste means savings in maintenance and nuclear waste plants. Transport because fuel, insurance and other costs associated with transporting nuclear waste will be miniscule compared to uranium.
  9. Desalinated water: Thorium wastes can desalinate salt water to provide drinking water. This can be a lifesaver on an international scale for countries that are short of water.
  10. Rare earth metals: Some thorium deposits contain valuable rare earth metals. Neodymium is one of the most abundant of the seventeen known rare earth metals. The United States has one of the largest thorium veins in the world that is rich in neodymium.

Only one of the seventeen rare earth metals is truly rare. The name to describe these elements “rare earth metals” was given more than a century ago. At the time there was not enough technology to extract the metals, so they were believed to be rare and the name stuck.

Neodymium is possibly the most important of the metals due to its wide use and its implications for national security. Consider the following: Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets in the world and are used in hybrid cars, aircraft generators, wind turbines, headphones, professional speakers, welding goggles, incandescent light bulbs, computer discs, lasers that emit infrared light. and more.

Thorium energy in a molten salt reactor

Thorium occurs naturally as Thorium-232 or Th-232. When thorium decays, it absorbs neutrons, which in turn causes Th-232 to produce U-233, which is fission. This process of fission or division of atoms releases large amounts of energy. Not to be confused with uranium-235, which is extremely dangerous, U-233, while producing energy, loses its ability to make bombs. Nuclear proliferation is practically eliminated by putting the world in its place. The MSR or Molten Salt Reactor is a combination of two salts in a thorium reactor with liquid fluoride.

The acronym for this highly technical reactor is LFTR and is pronounced “Lifter.” Although there are other thorium reactors, the LFTR is touted as the safest and most energy efficient of them all, and for good reason. The salt in the LFTR allows the reactor to operate at very high temperatures without causing pressurization. This means that there are no explosions like at the Fukushima power plant in Japan. Thorium energy is the world’s largest alternative energy source. It reproduces or recycles energy from its original source, making uranium and coal almost useless in comparison. With energy efficiency levels 200 to more than 3 million times higher than uranium and coal, respectively, thorium is the wave of our energy future.

Do you think this may be why India has already built a billion dollar thorium power plant?


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