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Using Mexican decoration to improve your home

If you love bold colors and old traditions mixed with organic textures in a fun design, you might want to add some Mexican decor to your home. Unique and interesting Mexican-style pieces can help enhance your décor and give your home an interesting decorating style.

Mexico is famous for its rich cultural art and perhaps the most recognized pieces are the Talavera pottery from Mexico. With the distinction of being the oldest tin-glazed pottery in the Americas, Talavera is still made in the same manner as it was in the 16th century. This pottery is decorated in either a traditional blue and white folk art style or more modern colorful designs; Either way, it’s great for decorating your home and you can find it in the form of vases, urns, pitchers, and even sinks and toilets. .

Mexican decor is all about bright colors and you can buy different pieces of furniture that are made from traditional folk figures and colored with bright reds, oranges, yellows, blues and purples. Consider purchasing carved chairs for the kitchen and glossy tables for the living room.

Another type of Mexican art that you can incorporate into the decoration of your home is goldsmithing. Beautiful iron and pewter scrollwork comes in the form of lights, chandeliers, sculptures, and just about any other adornment, from picture frames to wastebaskets. The solid look of metal can help add some texture to your colorful Mexican-style home.

As you decorate your home in a colorful Mexican style, don’t forget to add some tiles with a Mexican design on the kitchen or bathroom backsplash, around the top of the shower or over the sink. You don’t have to go crazy and tile an entire wall, but if you use Mexican tile for the border and a more subtle but matching color for the rest, then you can achieve a great look without going overboard.

The furniture for the Mexican decoration style must be organic and natural. Natural wood furniture can work well, as can wormwood or broad pine. Antique rustic furniture is another option that goes well with this style. If you like a lighter style, try wrought iron furniture.

Using Mexican décor in your home can give you a colorful look that is steeped in rich tradition. If you want a mix of organic materials and colorful folk art, then this decorating style can really bring your home to life.


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