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A Quick Review of Zaba Search People Finder

While this is not a promotional item, however, I will focus my attention on the Zaba quest. Take some time to read the article to the end and chances are you’ll learn a trick or two for finding people online.

The best search engines are not limited to Google, Yahoo, and the other few major players, but you can also use other directories and search engines that produce excellent results. This is because they also pull information from various places on the web, including major sites and public domains. Such sites include the likes of Zabasearch. It’s surprisingly easy for anyone to use sites like this to find current and previous addresses, including all phone numbers and physical addresses.

Now let me share a bit about Zabasearch. Anyway, I am not affiliated with the site and this is just my review on the site and other people finders. You can also check other sources for more information about this review.

Nick Matzorkis and Robert Zakari founded this people finder called Zabasearch. In 1995 he started offering database queries and has become a renowned player in his field. At the time of writing, it is a top-ranked site in terms of “people finder” keywords on major search engines. The founders argue that it overtook Yahoo’s people search in a matter of months after it began serving search queries in the database.

This site is popular because it offers what users are looking for in terms of affordability and quality. However, they offer premium services for a fee. For example, you may be charged when you run a background check, search by social security number, or do a reverse phone number lookup for a cell phone.

Zaba has some partners through which requests are sent in order to generate more information. These include Intelius. It cannot be categorized as a directory or database where people’s profiles are stored, but can be described as a search engine that scans available public database records for individual information.


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