Free traffic? Balls

After over 1,000 hours of painstaking research, buying highly recommended products, attending endless webinars, I finally realized what was going on.

Through trial and error, mixed with all the mental power I could muster, I have learned only TWO things. (Aside from the technical stuff every internet marketer needs to know, of course). Just two. Very sad, really. Are here:

(1) “Free” traffic is silly

There is no such thing. Well, not in the short term, anyway. Free traffic is SEO-based (making sure your website is optimized for search engines, your keywords are chosen carefully, you have lots of authorized backlinks, your posts are substantial, etc. your way in the dark. You MAY find your way out. Or you may not. And in any case, it won’t happen quickly. Or without a lot of effort on your part. Which, by definition, doesn’t do it “for free.” The Almighty G may or may not smile at you. high. And you can climb the search engine rankings. In short, even if you do everything exactly according to the book, you may never appear on the first page of Google. And that, my friends, is the cold hard truth .

Here is a selection of emails I received this morning:

Do you need FREE traffic to convert?

MasterClass: 10 Steps to Full Mastery

$ 10,000 in your first month!

It’s all bullshit marketing. Trust me and save money. No software will give you free converting traffic. It will not happen. There are no 10 steps to total dominance on the market. And you won’t earn $ 10k in your first month. If you are really tempted to spend money on these bloodsucking cynics, then be my guest. But don’t say I didn’t warn you …

As well as putting the basic building blocks in place (landing pages, something substantial to offer visitors like a bribe for their email addresses, something good to offer for sale, an autoresponder, etc.), EVERYTHING the rest depends on getting good traffic to your page. Without traffic, you have absolutely nothing.

And betting the house on “free” traffic will send you around the corner. It will not happen. Anyway, not in your near or middle future.

So if it all depends on traffic, how do you get it?

(2) Do you want traffic? Pay for it!

Sorry guys, but this is the harsh reality. Wake up and smell the money. If you want traffic (and you want it …), you will have to pay for it. You wouldn’t dream of starting a physical business without capital, right? Of course not. What makes an Internet business different? Therefore, you are not paying rent or investing in plants and machinery. Or wages. But surely you better start paying for the traffic, or you will almost certainly fail.

That is why 97% of all Internet businesses fail. Yes, only a measly 3% end up making money. And the fairy tales of internet millionaires overnight are just lies. Pure shit. None of them were successful in free traffic (alone). Sure, over time, your SEO (backlinks, long-tail keywords, etc.) finally started to pay off. But when the free traffic started to come in, they were already rich.

Do you have time to wait?

If you want traffic tomorrow, you can have it. Just pay for it. If you pay, they will come. It’s that easy. If you are a freelance media person, or still working your day job, and if time is not an issue, then look for free traffic. But be prepared to wait. And quite possibly, fail.

For example, I am a great airplane designer / builder / aviator. About five years ago, I started a website just to document my hobby. Initially, I did the necessary SEO stuff and then I quit. In fact, I once left the site for over a year. Recently, however, I have spent a lot more time there and I realized that simply by the passage of time, this site attracts about 100 visitors a day. Time tends to do this. So if you can afford to wait five years, go ahead. But if you want traffic tomorrow, you will have to pay for it.

And how much will this traffic cost you? Well, put it this way. If you were starting a brick and mortar business, you would have saved maybe six months of rent, wages, etc., at the very least. And plenty of cash for store fixtures, equipment, etc. Let’s say you estimate that the business is going to cost (in total) $ 1500 / month. In fact, this figure is extremely low. But let’s say you’ve saved $ 10k to get your business off the ground and keep it afloat for 6 months.

If you were to take your $ 10k and invest it at $ 1500 / month in traffic, you would be a rich man at the end of 6 months. Why? Because if you have a decent product to sell (either your own or as an affiliate), your $ 1500 / month will allow you to buy at least 1500 TARGETED visitors (that is, who are already interested in your product) per month. Experience teaches us that approximately 50% of your visitors will sign up to receive your free gift. And if only 10% of them buy your product (that is, 150 sales at $ 35), you will be making more than $ 5k per month and adding 750 new users to your list. Heck, if only 5% of the visitors who are already interested buy your $ 35 product, you will earn $ 2600. Working on the 10% conversion figure, if you reinvest the earnings, the next month you can buy $ 5k. + $ 1,500 in traffic, giving you nearly seven thousand targeted visitors, another 3,500 new subscribers, and 700 sales ($ 24,500). .

So does 3%.

This is not marketing bullshit. This is the reality. If you want to make money online, you HAVE to spend money to do so. There is no other way.

So next time you see a “Freely Traffic Your Way To Wealth” email. Delete the damn thing. Get rid of it as soon as you can. Don’t get caught. Save your money and spend it on buying traffic.

OK, I said my piece.

I am not a rich man by any means. But I am not stupid. I can recognize a scam when I see one.

Hope you found this useful


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