WhatsApp users get voice calling feature


Users of the Android version of mobile phones have good news. The WhatsApp application has been given the function of voice calls so that people can use Internet telephony effectively. The company already released this update for some users a few months ago on a trial basis. These privileged users, in turn, had passed this update on to others by making WhatsApp calls during the time-limited invitation windows. After the first test, the company launched for the public to take advantage of this service. Since then, several users have used this feature to make calls at a much lower cost. However, they did not receive any invitation in this regard. This is the reason why many people were not aware of this update for some time. He further added that he is working on the iOS6 version of this update. iPhone users started taking advantage of this feature later.

initial evaluation

The company had sent the updates to a few people to test their new functionality. For your use on a trial basis, the company had even released its updated version on Google Play as well. Subsequently, users had to constantly be on the lookout for updates in their region on select sites. There was another source to get the updates. He was visiting the company site to download the apk file. People downloaded the new version and used it to give their opinion. Based on feedback, WhatsApp introduced some changes to the new feature to get final approval. Finally, WhatsApp came out with the stable version that offered the voice calling feature.

How to get this function?

Users can download the latest version of WhatsApp from the company’s website to activate its voice calling feature. Although this feature is seen in WhatsApp version 2.12.5 on some smartphones, people would have to download and install the latest version 2.12.9 to fully get this functionality. People will find instructions for installing the new version and activating the new feature on the company’s website.

WhatsApp voice calls

After activating this feature, the user will get a new three-tab layout that features Contacts, Chats, and Calls features. They need to visit the Calls tab to tap on the phone icon to make a call. By tapping on the phone icon, they would get a contact list from which they can select a contact to make the first internet call. Since this feature is not supported in other versions of WhatsApp, you will not see it in the contact list of other people who have this new application installed. The company added the voice call feature to another popular iOS6 mobile platform a few months later. Users who own mobiles with other platforms would have to wait a slightly longer period of time.

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